Oliver Bridgewood picture

Oliver Bridgewood

PhD Chemist turned cycling enthusiast, bringing the lab coat to GCN Does Science

Ollie is a passionate cyclist who deprecatingly describes himself as one who “hopefully makes up for what he lacks in talent with enthusiasm and humour”. However his ever-growing repertoire of terrible puns does make us question the latter… Ahem.

Before joining GCN Ollie was a cycling journalist and still enjoys competing in time trials, hill climbs, road races and criteriums.

And prior to that he was a PhD Organic Chemist, making him a Doctor and author of page turners including 'Atropo and enantioselective synthesis of substituted biaryl azepines' and 'Synthesis of substituted biaryl oxepines as potential vascular disrupting agents'. No doubt you'll recall them from the best sellers list.

Besides being a celebrated author, Ollie says his greatest cycling achievement was when he came second in a 25 mile time trial after forgetting his cycling shoes, ended up duck-taping his trainers to his SPD-SLs and track standing on the startline. True story.

Ollie has settled in a treat at GCN, from his groan-inducing puns to his flawless mispronunciation of cycling's most heralded climbs. We're all learning a lot from him.